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To everyone who took the same photography vendor as me (doesnt matter past or existing clients) , can you sent me a private msg on IG @ismawatydewi.

I thought of setting up a group on whatsapp so that im able to communicate with the rest.

Thanks much!

My Jellybean

Before getting married, i remember telling Afiq i didnt want a child until our house is ready. That was my plan and he was agreeable to it.

I know some people would say, “eh this things cannot plan, nanti betol betol tak dapat baru tau”. Well, you doa for the buruk of course you get the buruk lah. My decision not to conceive was because of financial status. I wanted us to be able to provide for us & our parents first before we can provide for an additional person. Mind you, having a baby cost a lot of money.

But you know, things changed. Plans changed. After marriage, all i wanted was to please my husband. So when he said he wanted a child, i dived in with the idea. With open heart, of course.

Syukur alhamdullilah, i am now about 14 weeks pregnant. My first trimester was very smooth. Other than the regular mual feeling, i did not vomit nor did my stomach rejected any food. Now in my second trimester, all Jellybean wants everyday is mee hoon soto & pokka ice lemon tea. Anything else i eat will make me puke. It is very torturous!!

It can be torturous but i keep telling myself that it will all be worth it after the full term.

Ya Allah, grant me the strength to go through this phase & keep us safe from any danger. Amin.


We didn’t expect the weather in Brighton to be very sunny. Afiq and me were actually wearing our thickest jacket and as soon as we arrived in Brighton, we were already perspiring. Talking about over confident, hahahaha!

I was already quite familiar with the area so finding our AIRBNB was quite easy. Our apartment was in the central and it was really accessible to walk around the town. Before we arrived at the apartment, i was telling Afiq not to expect too much from the apartment.

Thats me at the main front door! The owner stated the code number on our booking reference so all we need to do was to press the button when we arrived and we were allowed in! 

And this is the apartment’s front door!

The hallway

Our room!

We were also allowed to use the fridge & the microwave

Our comfy bed!

I specifically love how the owner beautify her house with quirky and vintage decorations! Towels and toiletries like shampoo & shower gel were provided but if you are the fussy ones, just bring your own lah. There were also a television in our room, so we had all the privacy we want. Toilets were shared but there wasnt any trouble of using it. The owner was out everyday for work in the morning anyway. If you asked me how was my first experience using AIRBNB, i would say it was awesome and trouble free! I would think you just need to set a lower expectation thats all.

Right after the checking in process, we walked to Brighton Pier to have our late lunch. Brought Afiq to the same restaurant that i went to the last time. I had salmon while Afiq had their famous fish & chip!

I think we paid about 30 pounds for this meal. If you convert it to SGD, of course hati sakit lah. But in pounds i think it was quite affordable for a restaurant this fancy.  

We spent most of our time in Brighton, eating and……

The nutella crepe which we ate halfway cause it was very muak!

Everything in this store was organic and for a first timer, it tasted quite good!

Our first nasi goreng pedas from an indonesian restaurant.

Fish & Chip by the beach on our second day. The serving was HUGE for a small eater like me!

Love love love this mini waffles! I bought like 5 packets of this. lol


Primark all day, everyday

Being petite size means everything is gonna be hugeeeee

and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery….

 If you are a beach person like me and Afiq, then i would suggest you to visit Brighton! Its such a fun, laidback place to be at! Its nothing like London, where everyone is rushing. If you need to ask anything about this trip, feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

London – Brighton

After our 10 hours bus ride, we arrived in London Victoria Coach Station at about 8am. Since we were very early for our hotel check in, we had our breakfast at Mcdonalds. (actually afiq yang makan, i was busy looking for a decent toilet to poo. HAHA)  So after breakfast, we took the underground to our hotel. Our hotel was only 3 stops away from Victoria but Bayswater Station was having some maintenance so we had to de tour. Yup of all days…

We  couldn’t check in early, so we decided to just leave our luggage at the hotel. We were staying at La Suites Hotel over at Bayswater for that stay. Location was fanstastic but i wouldn’t pick that hotel if i could. My brother and his friends paid for our stay and i think it cost them about SGD$450 per night?! GILE. Anyway… While checking in, the reception asked us how many luggages/bags do we wanna leave behind. Afiq dengan confident nye cakap “4”. But when we counted our bags, we only had 2 luggage & 1 bag! So Afiq was like “EH WHERE’S MY BAG?” I just stared at him in disbelief lah. In my mind I was like, “okay, he’s about to ruin my morning” Hahahaha.

To cut the story short, jeng jeng jeng my husband left his bag on the bus you alls! For a while I didn’t know what to do, but smarty pants me told him that we should make our way back to the coach station to try our luck. We didn’t talked to one another through out our journey. Hahahaha. But yes, after all the waiting we managed to retrieve our bag! I think we were surrounded by lucky stars.

After all that drama, it was still too early to check in so we went to Mcdonalds (yup again) and coincidentally, one of my good friend, Zakiah, who happened to be in London with her parents whatsapp me to ask if we wanted to join them to Buckingham Palace for the guards changing. We met them at Green Park Station and we walked to Buckingham Palace together.

Everything in London is instagram worthy lah!

Reunited with his bag :p

The Changing of Guards was okay lah. I went to see the parade during my last visit to London, so it was nothing spectacular. If you are heading there for your trip, just be there early. The crowds are crazyyyy!

Right after the parade, we bid our goodbyes and the both of us headed back to Bayswater. We were STILL early to check in so we stopped by at Noodle Oodle to have our lunch. I had Spicy Beef Noodle and it was really good! (serving was just nice and it cost about 7 pounds per meal)

We were already tired by then but my uncle wanted to meet us up. We headed back to the hotel to check in, had a very quick wash up (by washing up i mean brush our teeth & wash our face lol!) and then met him at the lobby.

Our $$$$$ room LOL

We spent the rest of our day walking from Bayswater to Shepherd’s Bush. We were not enjoying ourselves cause honestly we were extremely tired! So we decided to part our ways with my uncle and we headed back to the hotel.

The very next day, we left the hotel to catch our train to Brighton. Getting around Victoria Train Station is easy but finding the track to our train was very challenging!!  The journey was supposed to take only 50 minutes but unlucky us have to travel on the day when they have track repair works.

it was wayyyy cheaper to get the train tickets way in advance!

Greenery everywhere!

As soon as we arrived in Brighton, this welcome us..

Macam postcard kan? Everything was perfect. The weather was even amazing! I was freezing to death during the last time i was in Brighton!

Will post more about Brighton & our AIRBNB experience in the next post 🙂


We arrived in Amsterdam at about 830pm local time. As per my research, we went to locate the yellow color machine booth to get our train tickets to Amsterdam Central. Can’t remember how much we paid, i think it was about 15 euro for two tix.

Tips: Always activate your credit/debit card before you travel overseas because in Amsterdam they strictly accept only cards/coins for the tickets machine. You can get it at the information service booth but theres always long q!

From Amsterdam Central, we took about 30-45 minutes to locate our hotel. Afiq mati mati wanted to go his way but I’ve google map the streets before and i was very sure he was going in the wrong direction. Lucky smarty pants me decided that i should take charge, lol!

Our bed and breakfast was in the red light district. Amsterdam red light district is nothing like Geylang lah.It wasnt ghetto or anything. We had everything at our doorstep, food & shopping. We stayed at 1680 B&B and we paid about 90 euro per night. Quite reasonable i think especially since it comes with an ensuite bathroom. The street itself can be loud at times but luckily we got the back room so we had a very good sleep for the entire 3 days.



I didn’t take much pictures of the room but this will do. I like the rustic & vintage feeling to it. If you are more into the modern kind of room, then i dont think you will like it as much as i do

Amsterdam Central itself is quite small so we did a lot of walking there. We wanted to rent the bicycle but it was raining plus rase macam dangerous je pasal banyak kereta & the GVB trams are everywhere!!

We did the Dungeon and it was worth the scare. The whole attraction itself took us about 1hr. Tips: Get all your attraction tickets at this shop “Tour & Tickets B.V”. Its slightly cheaper plus you can avoid the long q at the various attractions.


Even before this trip, we were telling one another not to fill our luggage with clothes because we already plan to shop for the entire trip. (When we were at the airport, our luggage was only 5kg each and the service lady teased us to shop more!) So, with the help of google we managed to find a Primark store in Amsterdam! It was 2 stops away from the central and the train journey took us about 15 minutes to Zaandam.

Could be easily anyone’s fav store in Europe!

Tak sabar sabar nak pakai bende baru!

Since Afiq’s aunty is staying at that area, we decided to pay her a visit. She’s been staying with her husband in Holland for 20 years already. Best kan?! Her life in Holland is so laid back!! She fetched us from Primark and then we stopped by this Indonesian stall to get NASI PADANG. Yup, NASI PADANG YOU ALL! After how many days of not having malay food, boy was it tasty!

My jaws dropped when we arrived at her home, because ya Allah punye lah lawa nak mampos!

Imagine kalau rumah HDB kite yang mahal nak mampos have this kind of view?!

Apart from our Primark loots, Afiq did a lot of shopping! I think he bought a total of 4 shoes in Amsterdam itself and dozen of shirts from Carhatt. Yup, my husband shopping sakai. Maklumlah 1 tahun lebih kan tak shopping!


Sanggup tunggu luar kedai sampai bukak. if this is not kemarok, then i dont know what is

Its quite easy to get food in my opinion, unless if you terlebih was was then quite susah lah. We are not that particular with our food because we realised we are in other country and the percentage of getting halal food is probably only 20%. I mean of course we avoid pork la.

I tried the nutella yoghurt and it wasnt anything fantastic!

We stopped by for coffee a few times cause it was freezing outside!

I’ve finally unleash the japanese in me. I was addicted to sashimi!!

After our 3 nights in Amsterdam, we left Amsterdam for London. We placed our bigger  luggage at his aunt’s place so its easier for us to move around. We train our way to the bus station and kiasu us didn’t want to miss the bus so we arrived 2 hours earlier. Hahaha! Luckily there’s wifi at the bus station, else we’ll be bored to death!

We had to alight from the bus to transfer to the ferry to cross the English border. It was quite an experience. Afiq was thanking me for choosing this mode of transport. The bus ride took about 10 hours. So if you are not the sort of person who can stay in the bus for too long, then i suggest you not to travel by bus. I picked this mode because obviously it was the cheapest compared to taking the flight or train, plus we didn’t have to pay extra for our baggage so that was a bonus. If you are not planning to splurge on your trip, you can consider getting bus tickets to travel around Europe via this website:

So yes, thats the end of my crite panjang! I will continue with the trip to Brighton & London on the next post!

Vendor Reviews

I am currently on bed in our apartment in London, with my husband next to me. Fuh husband seh! 😆

Since i have time to spare, i thought maybe i should write up reviews on all the main vendors i took for the wedding.

Catering – Fauziah Catering
Tip top! I trusted Cik Nor the most because i knew he wouldn’t disappoint us. Most of our guest were very pleased with the food and even i took a second serving of the sambal masak merah! They are not on any social media, but they do have a shop at PSA Club. If you need their contact, let me know!

Deco – Kalau Ade Jodoh
As a whole i think they did a marvelous job. But if you are the sort who are very meticulous about certain things, then i dont think they are the one for you. I realised that the pelamin chair & the peddle stands were all dirty. You wont spot it if you are not close enough to it but i was sitting just next to the peddle stands and god was it a torture! My brother had to call them after the nikah because he realised that the kain for the tables were abit too long & a lot of people were tripping on it. It was fine because they did came back in the early morning to touch up everything. Despite all the set backs, they were very (& i really mean VERY) generous with their fresh flowers! My house was filled with flowers at the end of the majlis man and i had to force some of my friends and relatives to bring them home. And i really really love my pelamin, it was really gorgeous to my eyes!

Bridal – Putih Bridal
Ni pon tip top ah! Izzah Hafiyah was my make up artist and i swear i wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. She did my make up & styling exactly as how i wanted it to be. It was very easy to talk & work with her. I remember during the hadang part, it took Afiq very long to get through everyone, Izzah and me were talking about where our husbands did their vespa at. I would recommend them to anybody because it was such a joy working with all of them. So thank you Putih Bridal, you guys have been nothing but amazing 💖

Photographer – The Pixelmuse
I am blessed to have Yani as my photographer! I dont know if anyone like it but i like it that she was anal about certain things!! (Like how she find it disturbing for Afiq to have a getah rambut on his wrist during our nikah hahahha) You know lah how this small things can ruin a picture, so yes im very glad she was anal about this things! Afiq have been telling me how gerek Is (Yani’s husband) was. And he was glad that Is could get along really well with him and his groomsmen. Is also helped Afiq with his hair during our second outfit, and i find that really nice knowing that their job was only to photograph everything. I cant wait to see all the photographs and i hope it wont take that long!

Entertainment (DJ) – Akrab
Honestly they were so-so lah. it wasn’t that kind of tak pleasing that it ruined my mood for the wedding lah! It was just because the people that i was hoping to host my event didnt turn up. I really thought Hydil would do a much better job at entertaining my guest because he is very entertaining and funny! Hahahaha. But sadly they replaced Hydil to somebody else and i really wish they could have done a lil bit more to make the event more lively. I remember when i was on the pelamin waiting for Afiq to reach, all i heard was music playing. One of my makcik actually came up to me on the pelamin to ask me if i restrict the emcee to talk so much. Lol! So yes, they wasn’t that bad lah, i just wish they could interact more with my guest.

Okay, thats about it! I would love to share you guys about our days in Amsterdam & London, but i think i shall leave that to another post. 💖


Post Wedding

Bile pengantin cakap they miss their wedding, i used to think that they are crazy! But now, i know what they meant.

I miss my wedding day and i can’t get over it! My wedding was a very emotional one in my opinion. I cried a lot of times, sampai hingus meleleh gurll. Tak glamour tau sampai photographer cakap “ok ok cover her afiq, cover her” 😆

I love my deco to the core, i love the food, i love my lepak photographers, ahh I LOVE EVERYTHING! I honestly think that i have the BEST bridesmaid ever. While i was at the pelamin, i saw all 6 of them running around to make sure everything is going as it should be. I was also glad because i think i created this special bond/friendship among all of them!

So yes bride to be, enjoy the rest of your planning & embrace all the time you have with your family. Getting married to the love of your life will be very amazing! 💖

ps: here’s a picture of us enjoying each other company 😊